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Writer/ Director/ Editor - Jazmin Aguilar

Kid Ugly is the story of an unlikely duel between a young bandit named Lazlo and his idol, the dashing outlaw named Bottle Tooth Guapo.

Kid Ugly is a proof of concept for a television series and was one of the first short films funded by McDonald's

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Skanidero: The Paranoias Featuring EV Dub

Directed/ Edited - Jazmin Aguilar

A monster terrorizes the city of Los Angeles on a quest to find a mysterious ska band.

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Felicity 2: The Paranoias

Directed/ Edited - Jazmin Aguilar

“Felicity 2.” About as unholy as it is frisky, the song is undoubtedly the most endearing attempt you’ll hear at waiting for someone who’s already taken.

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The Letter

Writer/ Director/ Editor - Jazmin Aguilar

12-year-old Marcela finds an airmail letter that she suspects may be from her absent father, who left Mexico to go to The United States. Her brother Rogelio, betrayed by his father’s absence takes the letter from Marcela. In order to learn more about her father, she must convince Rogelio she is ready to read what’s inside the letter.​The Letter was licensed by HBO in July 2020

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coming soon

debut horror film

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coming soon

debut feature film


The Fruit Flies

Written by Susannah R. Driss
Directed by Jazmin Aguilar

When married couple Robert and Lena argue over fruit flies in their kitchen, the banal, the vulgar, and the poetic erupt into marital angst, verbal tirades, and a salacious dissection of the secret life of insects.

The Fruit Flies is a 10 minute play that made it into the NBC sponsored Short + Sweet Hollywood play competition.

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